The Oxy Suite

The Spa Suite features our company star performer - the Oxygen/LED Pod. Enjoy The Oxy Pod and other cutting edge treatments like our 10 minute noninvasive face lift.  If that doesn't soothe you enough, try our spectacular 15 minute body sculpting mircocurrent session. You will be impressed with our knowledge of these new high tech spa treatments that give the best instant gratification one can hope for.  We offer multiple packages for you and your guest to enjoy a better quality of life.  

Please view all the videos to learn more about our pod and all it's amazing benefits. Our Oxy Pod is equipped with the latest NASA healing technology that is making giant leaps in the medical world with cancer patients, those with brain injuries and those in need of accelerate healing to name a few. It is the new hope in the world of healing and longevity. The results are so instant one will feel it's relaxing powers in the first five minutes. According to over a decade of  NASA studies, our oxy pod will aid you with sleeping soundly and losing weight while living pain free. It helps improve mobility, appearance and skin tone. It boosts your immune system, increases your circulation, cleanses your organs, improves your digestive system and helps reduce depression rapidly.