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Brazilian Bikini                                Full Back                                     Manicure

Regular Bikini                                  Half Back                                     Pedicure

French Bikini                                   Shoulders                                   Spa Pedicure                                     

Full Leg (Includes Bikini)                  Full Arm                                      Spa Manicure               

Full Leg (W/Brazilian Bikini)              Half Arm                                      Full Set of Gel Fills

Upper Leg (W/Regular Bikini)            Chest                                          Full Set of Wraps                 

Upper Leg (W/Brazilian Bikini)           Eye Brow                                    Full Set of Gels W/Tips

Permanent French
                            Nose                                           Full Set of Gels      

Upper Leg                                                                                            Acrylic Fills

Lower Leg                                        Skin Care Services                                                              

Full Arm                                           Facial                                          Other Services                         

Half Arm                                           Mini Facial                                    Eye Brow Tinting                                                                                                                                
Under Arm                                        
Back Facial                                 Make Up

Buttocks                                           Cosmetic Deep Peeling                 Permanent Make Up    

Toe                                                   Microdermabrasion                      Lash Tinting                                                                                      (Buy 5 get 1 Free)                                                        
Eye Brow                                                                                            



The Oxy Suite
Oxygen Pod 
Oxygen Facial
Microcurrent Facial
Microcurrent Body Therapy
C02 Facial
C02 BodyTherapy



What is a Brazilian Bikini

The Brazilian Bikini is a style of waxing, it’s the complete removal of all the hair front and back of the pubic area. (completely bare).

What is a French Bikini

The French Bikini is a style of waxing, it’s the removal of all the hair in the front only (no Back) while leaving a small strip or stripe in the front of the pubic area.

The Bikini

The Bikini is a style of waxing the area known as Bikini or Panty Line, it varies person to person as to how wide the area to be waxed will be.

Wax Facts

We use Hard Wax almost exclusively, we will use strip wax (soft wax) when it’s asked for by a customer but Hard Wax (strip less wax) is perfect for everyone, specially for people with sensitive skin who are prone to irritation and ingrown hairs that other waxes leave behind. Our Hard Wax attaches itself to the hair (shrink-wraps’ it) and not the skin. Also, the lower temperature at which our waxes are applied (20-30 degrees below most waxes) makes your experience more comfortable and virtually painless.

What is a Manicure

A manicure here at A Touch of Polish Plus Wax Center is not just cutting, shaping and painting nails. We have some of the best Manicurist in the business with over 20 years of experience along with some of the best products in the market today.

We are a Full Service Nail Salon providing high quality Nail Art, Acrylics, Gel, Tips and Extensions, Full Sets of both Gel and Acrylic and Wraps as well. We also offer Spa Manicures and Pedicures. You’ll be Walking on Air after a Spa Pedicure with us.

So Treat Your Self to “An Experience Like No Other”

We thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to email us or call with any questions you may have about our services. Remember we are a full service nail salon and wax center where Brazilian and French Bikini Waxing is our Specialty. A Touch of Polish Plus Wax Center also offers skin care services, regular and permanent makeup and so much more. Be sure to visit our sister salon (Pure) for all your Hair Care Needs.